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Ecoflex has specialized professionals to connect to producers, distributors, and industrial companies within biofuels, base oils and petroleum fuels industry, domestic and international.

We have experienced professionals  working exclusively for your logistic assistance, providing support in identifying and coordinating transportation.  As our customer, you will only pay the freight carrier hired, regardless of the closing costs of  the product at any given time.  In addition, our service includes insurance, shipping documentation, load and unloading monitoring.

Furthermore, our trading & logistics area is focused on current and future commodity markets.  Founded in July of 2000, the company was built by experienced professionals in the area of ​​fuel distribution and logistics.

For trading & logistics, we have an unique website with newsletters, reports, news, and information about the current  logistics and investment markets.


Provide our clients with high quality service.

Be recognized for our competency and ethics in the segment of business intermediation for the energy, base oils and fuels markets.


To add value to our client’s operations. Meet and exceed their expectations in every negotiation.

Company Profile

Top team professionals

Currently among the largest biofuel trading and brokerage companies in Brazil

Highly qualified in identifying the best logistical alternatives and market conditions.

Effective strategy development


Financial Operations

Quality control and product certification

Ethanol, bio-fuel, base oil and energy brokerage

Logistic Services

Logistic Activities

Partnerships with mills, and distribution and trading companies.


Consolidate purchases and sales operations of energy and  fuels      


Freight brokerage (optimization of final prices)

Working with the largest transport companies (providing service national and internationally)

Ports of Operation Ecoflex facilitates Imports/Exports
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Company Highlights

Leading market analyst of the Brazilian biofuels market.

Monitoring of global commodities markets. Reporting daily on ethanol and biofuels directly on the Ecoflex’s Website

Ecoflex, in partnership with Bloomberg, is working on developing an index that can monitor the Brazilian ethanol market in real time.

Ecoflex is one of the most active companies that operates locally in the fuelsl market, determined to introduce and develop services and alternatives to better fulfill our clients demands.

Ecoflex was the introductory broker of IronFX,  the award winning global  leader in online trading, serving retail and industrial customers over 180 countries world wide.

Main clients

- Chevron USA

- Logum

- Tricon

- Petrobras / BR

- Bunge

- Ultra Group

- Copersucar

- Raizen

- Vitol Trading

- Petrochina

- Rubis Terminal

Main clients
Ecoflex Partners
New Activities (in progress)
New Activities

Facilitate the commercialization and marketing of the outputs produced by the mills which are exclusive  customers and also purchase and sell ethanol produced by other third party companies.

Gather pricing information to determine, through our international network of trade contacts, whether the product is best sold in the internal market or abroad.

Cultivate relationships with independent producers and end users in order to maximize profit margins by being an active player in both the spot and forward markets.

Seek to establish long term supply contracts for new consumers and eventually participate in joint venture projects for marketing and distribuction.

Establish logistical advantage and the ability to gain from financial carry trades by contracting tank space both in Brazil and abroad. Utilize derivatives such as futures, options and swaps for hedging purposes to be able to maximize returns on both flat price and differential sales.

Use risk management systems to calculate hedging correlations, basis risk, intermarket and product spreads. We will also analyze the creditworthiness of our counterparties, especially with regard to producer pre-finance deals. We will also seek to obtain credit lines for our export and hedging activities from comercial banks and brokerage companies.

Contact Us

Marcelo Andrade Ferreira


Ecoflex Trading Energy & Logistics


850, João Cabral de Melo Neto, Av.

East – Room 925

Phone Number:  55 21 3570 – 9260 RJ - Brazil

Zip Code: 22.775-057

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